September 24, 2011

Course Information and Brochure

The Objective Observer Course: Homeopathy through Simplicity

“The Falkner School spearheaded by Dr. Falkner is an amazing, life changing   experience!  Enter only if you are willing to look within, nourish your soul, share with amazing like-minded fellow students and teacher, and to lead others along their path of life and healing. You will see life in a new beautiful way.”

Chana L. — Baltimore, MD

“I’ve realized that I have learned more from you in under a year’s time than in all the years of previous training I’ve received.  I am confident that as a graduate of your school I will be able to use homeopathy to truly benefit others.  My feeling is that your work as a teacher of homeopathy is not only “worthwhile”, it is a vital contribution to the field as a whole, and to the healing of our world.”

Katia W. –Swannanoa, NC

What can you expect to gain from this course: (please read a more in-depth discussion further below)

  • Develop a strong, practical foundation in classical homeopathy that will serve you as a reliable base for starting your career as an effective, confident, and competent homeopath.
  • Learn how to work in clarity with clients so that you find the best and deepest acting remedies in each and every case–remedies that go to the core.
  • Discover and exercise your own individual homeopathic genius.
  • Gain time-tested tools and skills that put you in command of the vast ocean of information accessible and available in the form of homeopathic books and computer data-bases.
  • Learn how to know and feel when the remedy is the best match– see the remedy light up!
  • Eliminate the need to memorize vast amounts of information or external theoretical systems in order to be successful as a homeopath.
  • Learn how to observe clearly and objectively to solve each and every case.
  • Explore and understand the realm of spiritual laws and principles that underlie homeopathy and healing– the basis of Hahnemann’s teachings.
  • Create more satisfaction, abundance, and success in all your endeavors by learning to live life more homeopathically.
  • Enhance your ability to communicate with others and deepen the quality of loving connection you can create in all your relationships.
  • Learn to understand and trust your own intuition and inner guidance, while staying scientifically grounded in your work.

General Topics to be covered in detail over the three-year course and introduced in the first year***:

  1. What is health and disease from a homeopathic perspective? Why do we get ill?
  2. Introduction, fundamentals  and essentials of Materia Medica and Provings
  3. Introduction, fundamentals  and essentials to Repertory
  4. The Art and Science of Repetorization: how to know what is important
  5. Homeopathic Philosophy: The Organon–one can never study Hahnemann’s work of genius enough!
  6. The Art and Science of Unprejudiced Observation–learning to be an objective observer.
  7. Case-observation (elsewhere called case-taking)
  8. Case Analysis: hierarchy of symptoms, symptom selection, remedy identification
  9. Acute vs. Chronic  Dis-ease
  10. An overview and clarification of the role of Miasms, kingdoms, families of remedies, etc. and their application.
  11. Exploring the relevance and role of understanding traditional medical pathology in working with cases.
  12. Potency Selection and remedy administration
  13. Live clinical cases (experienced and observed in all three years) and some paper cases (first year only) with discussion and follow-up.
  14. Case Management concepts and principles
  15. Running a business, legal issues, credentials, consents, licensing, fee structure
  16. Repertory and Materia Medica Exercises
  17. Acute and Emergency Prescribing
  18. Plenty of room and time for student input, questions, and addressing individual needs.

***By the end of the first year, students will have a solid and sound foundation in the basic principles underlying homeopathic treatment according to an advancing level of clear and objective observer, more and more free from prejudice. In addition, taking this course will establish a growing and profound understanding of what is required to be clear and successful as a homeopath. You will be offered all the tools you need to continue your training and progress into the future, and will be adequately prepared to apply and integrate the content into the second and third, more clinically-focused, years. Perhaps most significantly, you will have begun to further develop and operate more than ever from your own personal gifts as a healer, that are based not in what you know, but in who and what you are as a vibrant, adventurous, searching being.

Hello Prospective Students:

Thank you for your interest in embarking on the study of this wonderfully amazing science and art of homeopathic healing.  If you are a student looking for a practitioner training program for the first time, it is highly recommended that you give this course your serious consideration. If you happen to be one of the many frustrated or disillusioned students of homeopathy who is looking for relief by finding a way that truly works, you need look no further.

Indeed, there are a great number of schools teaching homeopathy today, all with varied ideas and differing methodologies, many of them available for study on-line. How to select a path from the plethora of homeopathic training programs—with all their diverse systems and paradigms– is daunting to say the least.  Sorting out which one is best or most suited to your needs and aspirations is a challenging matter, best accomplished by following your own heart and intuition.

The Falkner School’s innovative program advances homeopathic training beyond what other schools offer by guiding students toward reliable objective observation, rather than toward massive memorization of facts, unproven philosophical systems of thought, and modern, new-fangled, complex methods for prescribing.

The central goal at the Falkner School is that each student learn the basic foundation of homeopathic healing (year one), and then to understand how to apply it successfully, by developing clear, impartial observation and adopting a reproducible, disciplined structure for taking the case, understanding it, analyzing it, selecting appropriate rubrics that relate to what is most essential, and finally identifying, through materia medica, the remedy that  resonates the best (year one and clinical years two and three).  Only through combining these important pieces (fundamental homeopathic principles, objective observation, and a disciplined, reproducible analysis strategy) can one reliably learn how to easily and consistently find the best remedy each and every time.

The approach developed by the Falkner School for Homeopathy differs from most of the other “systems” being taught today, in that there are no artificial tricks or methods that need to be imposed in order to learn homeopathy, find the best remedy, and manage your clients’ cases.  In this course, while learning the essential foundational concepts—Hahnemann’s “easily comprehensible principles”—our students begin the journey toward developing the vital capacity for practical objective observation.

Learning this skill of impartial observation is obviously the most essential skill for the homeopath, because only objective observation can allow one to clearly perceive what it is that needs to be cured in each individual case of disease, as well as to perceive or recognize the remedy that will be curative for each case.

With the development of impartial, unprejudiced observation, the student is led to accurate repertorization and a clearer understanding of the materia medica, our remedy encyclopedia and database.  The skill or faculty of being an objective observer arises out of class interaction and experiential learning, which evolves organically over time from class to class.  A useful understanding of each case, proper remedy selection, and case management logically depend on one’s ability to become a keen and precise observer.

The Objective Observer Course is clinically and time-tested, and has proven highly effective for our students. This program distills all the fundamentals and essentials from the original teachings of Hahnemann, and makes the vast tomes that comprise our current literature, textbooks, and databases accessible to you, so that you can easily learn to apply them effectively.

When one combines a complete understanding of Hahnemann’s “clearly comprehensible principles” with accurate observation in each and every case, only then can one expect superb and consistent results with clients.  This is exactly what The Objective Observer Course strives to provide for our students, guiding and inspiring each one to achieve the goal of becoming a “true practitioner of the healing arts.”

Students who have taken taken classes at the Falkner School soon discover that the benefits stemming from learning the “simplicity approach” and honing and refining one’s observational skills and capacity to be impartial extend not only into the increasing effectiveness of their homeopathic practices, but into their lives in general, ultimately enhancing their success and enjoyment of life!


A Objective Observer Course 2017 Brochure  (Click here for a larger PDF version)

A Objective Observer Course 2017 Brochure Page 1

A Objective Observer Course 2017 Brochure



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(To listen to an interview with Dr. Falkner about his practitioner training course,  click here)

(To Watch a Video Webinar explaining the Homeopathy Through Simplicity approach, click on the link to the right under “Links”.)

Cancellation Policy: 

1. If written notice is received before the start of class or within the first 30 days of the course, a full refund minus a $150 administrative fee will be provided.

2. If written notice is received between the first 30 and 60 days of the course, 25% of the course fee will be retained with the $150 administrative fee.

3. After 60 days, no refunds will be provided, though a credit for a future course or seminar of The Falkner School can be provided if occurring within 2 years of the time of cancellation.


“Each class that you share so generously prompts an internal letter of thanks from me.  Our last class attained a state of grace too radiant to go without mention.Your teaching is truly gifted, in the careful structure you are building that allows me not to be overwhelmed, and in the gentle humanity you convey in the personal growth homework, which allows me to soar.  My relationship with myself and the world as I experience it is transforming in the most luminous way. My deepest thanks for both the lessons and the quality of the journey.”

Kim C. — Tularosa, NM


“I’ve gone to many seminars and courses in homeopathy which were all interesting because they were about homeopathy, but at the end I usually felt you have to work really hard to learn how to figure it all out or the method being taught looked too subjective to be consistently right.      In Dr. Falkner’s course he demystifies a lot of the process; there is still a lot of work to be done but it’s more in relation to being present, stepping back, opening up, allowing and observing. These are the skills we want, to be an unprejudiced observer, and there is more space for the truth to emerge.  Good repertorizing and understanding of materia medica is taught as well, so there is a sense of being able to do this, for the students. For me, the “profound simplicity” of homeopathy shines through and I recommend Dr.Doug’s course to anyone who wants this clarity and depth in their work.”

Susan P., RN– Ottawa, Canada


“I began Dr. Doug’s first year of Soul-Based Homeopathy in June of 2010, one year after graduating from naturopathic medical school. I have experienced a fundamental shift in my thinking, my connection to people and to remedies, my effectiveness at initial prescribing and my success in following each person as they ascend their journey to cure.  Dr. Doug has skillfully and patiently opened up a confining box within my mind that no longer limits my thinking both in homeopathy and life. It has been FUN and refreshing to work on cases with this renewed spirit. I highly recommend this class for anyone who desires homeopathy to not only be an art and science but, more importantly, a soul connection.”

Kristina B., N.D.– Ellicottville, NY


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work around our learning homeopathy.  It is inspiring, exciting, and humbling to watch you take a case:  it seems so simple, elegant, supportive, and effective.  I really see the art that you bring to it, as well as the skill and scientific knowledge.  It is beautiful. I am glad to be learning from you. Thank you.”

Elizabeth, Albuqueque, NM


I have been under Dr. Falkner’s care for 8 years, and his mastery of homeopathy helped inspire me to study at the Falkner School.  I have really enjoyed the experience of studying with Dr. Doug this past year, and what I have learned has not only enriched my academic understanding of homeopathy, which I hope to pursue as a career, but my appreciation for life.  It has improved my quality of life in ways I could not have imagined.  As I enter my second year of study I bring a deeper understanding of homeopathic principles and philosophy as well as an increasing enthusiasm for engaging with the world around me.  I wholeheartedly endorse his skills as a practicing homeopath and professor of this fine science and art. I have studied homeopathy since the mid 80’s throughout many teachers and classes. This is the best of all for me. I think you would have the real Hahnemann seal of approval if he were here to give it.”

Patricia Z.–Lewisburg, KY


“Dr. Falkner with the Falkner School of Homeopathy is truly a Master at presenting his classes. He teaches with ease of comprehension, a sense of humor and sensitivity. I would highly recommend anyone searching for a starting ground or refresher to sign up.  His style is elegant and gently reminds his students to relax into this vast ocean of knowledge.”

Sharon C., RN–Chico, CA


“I loved class! The material was well organized, each class building on the classes before. The live cases with subsequent followups provided a unifying thread. You used the live cases to illustrate the basic spiritual principles in context, which helped anchor them in my mind. Clearly the Organon was the guiding text to this class.  When someone went off on a tangent, you gently redirected our attention to the pure and simple principles of the Organon.

Working in the hospital as I do, I find it easy to get swept up into the material views of medicine. I am always grateful to be reminded of my essential spiritual nature and the true causes of dis-ease. This class always helped me rise above my small viewpoint. Your compassionate method of teaching modeled a way for me to be more authentic with my patients.

I am looking forward to continuing my studies with you at the Falkner School. I count it as a mainstay rudder in my life, keeping it on the spiritual and grounded track I seek.  Thank you.”

Anonymous Student