April 12, 2011


After years of clinical work in hospital-based Emergency Medicine, I realized that conventional modern medicine was generally incapable of producing the deep and lasting changes to one’s health and well being that I had always hoped for when I became a doctor. When I learned about homeopathy, I recognized instinctively its incredible potential for bringing about a true healing response, way beyond what conventional medicine had to offer.

People who have used homeopathy over time often report that they feel better than they have in years or even decades, that they enjoy a renewed vitality and an increased sense of overall well being. Most experience an enhanced life, with improved financial success, better personal relationships, and greater personal satisfaction all around. Indeed, the positive impact of successful homeopathic treatment on one’s life can be extensive.

However, it is important to realize that this process of change might take some time and patience.  Some people require six month’s treatment, others five years or even more. It only makes sense that it will take time to reverse the damage to one’s life force suffered over years and possibly decades. Nevertheless the positive changes you can experience through homeopathy will be real, progressive, and cumulative.

These positive changes will arise because homeopathy actually addresses the root causes of dis-ease, rather than merely suppressing symptoms, as most approaches do. If you are not just looking for a quick fix to your symptoms—an approach that generally does not last— it is well worth investing a few years of work with homeopathy. You will benefit as your treatment gradually and gently reverses the patterns of injury at their root and thus brings about a true and lasting cure.

Many doctors have criticized homeopathy as being unscientific, even quackery. For, in truth, no one actually can prove the exact mechanism by which our remedies work. However, for me, whether homeopathy works is not really in question. From nearly two decades of clinical experience, the efficacy of homeopathy is an uncontestable fact.

If I didn’t see firsthand the practical, verifiable results of homeopathic treatment on a daily basis I would have long ago found a better method for healing. But as a trained medical doctor and Emergency Physician, with a broad exposure to mainstream medicine, as well as many other traditional healing systems and treatment approaches, I have not seen any other discipline compare in real results to properly applied homeopathy. This is why I do it.

Nevertheless, I never make any promises or predictions to newcomers. What I say is this: if I can successfully find the best homeopathic remedy for you, it will make profound and powerful changes for you on a spiritual or energetic level. To the extent that you are willing to allow the these changes that a remedy stimulates to proceed, homeopathy will work for you. Such changes can and will positively impact all the other levels of your being—physical, mental, and emotional—by raising your vitality, and thus improving your total health and wellness, usually quite dramatically.

After reading the article that follows, you will come to a further discussion on homeopathic principles, which I feel can be more easily appreciated and understood after you have had a chance to read about some real life examples of homeopathy at work.