April 12, 2011

Making Your Own Decision

By now you may begin to wonder if you really want to pursue something that may seem somewhat far-fetched. First you hear that homeopathy does not directly treat any of the problems that lead you to call my office. Secondly, the spiritual underpinnings of homeopathy may not gibe with your personal beliefs or understanding of disease. If you are beginning to think it is time to move on to the next available option…before you do, read on.

I never try to convince a person to engage in the homeopathic process. First, I believe that you are 100% in charge of your health and your life. You need to make all your own choices. I personally can make no promises or claims to alleviate any of your physical, mental or emotional conditions, since I don’t ever treat any of those. True, I am a medical doctor, but I do all my work according to homeopathic principles. That means, I try to help individuals on the spiritual level alone.

If one feels obliged to work on the physical, mental or emotional levels, then there are all kinds of people out there who specialize in interventions that address the material levels directly. Yet, will any of the other options actually go as deep as homeopathy can and ultimately lead to a lasting and permanent cure? Suppressing symptoms may be easier, quicker, and more comfortable, but the underlying problem will continue unrelenting, usually becoming even worse and more complicated over time.

What I can say in favor of what I do is this: in truth, as evidenced from over a decade of clinical experience with the homeopathic approach, most symptoms, conditions, dis-eases, and diagnoses stem largely, if not almost entirely, from spiritual causes. By annihilating the disturbances to the spirit, balance is restored to the spiritual level. Because the spirit controls the other levels of our being, all the other levels tend to improve as the spiritual level improves.

Remember, fundamentally the body heals itself. I have seen countless cases of what are labeled incurable conditions disappear and not come back. I explain this by one simple fact: the homeopathic approach addresses the real cause of dis-ease, because most of the time the cause is on the spiritual level, not the physical, mental or emotional.

For me, it is a routine experience to see people with any number of problems arrive at a complete and lasting cure of their ailments. What I observe so often in my work borders on the miraculous.

Without the slightest exaggeration, I have seen repeatedly how the correct homeopathic remedy gradually but steadily leads one to a complete transformation of health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The incredible healing potential of the free-flowing spirit is grossly underestimated. Naturally, when the spirit of life is unencumbered from disturbance and disharmony, it will manifest in health and beauty, according to the unique nature of each being.

The remarkable success of homeopathic healing is an ongoing testimony to the oft unrecognized fact that we are sick first and foremost in our spirits, and only later in our bodies, minds, and feelings. This is the main point you must keep in mind when making your decision.