April 12, 2011

Homeopathic Principles

Now let’s return to our discussion, and begin to explore the principles of homeopathy. Homeopathy is a spiritual science, not a medical intervention. Therefore, the benefits you gain from homeopathic treatment are exclusively due to its positive spiritual impact on you, not on any physical, mental or emotional effects whatsoever. (Please re-read this paragraph a few times if it comes as a surprise to you.)

As mentioned briefly in the article above, although many equate homeopathy with herbs, nutrition, vitamins, and other forms of natural healing, it has nothing at all to do with these disciplines. Homeopathy is spiritual medicine, not physical medicine. Effective homeopaths are highly trained healers who are experts in examining and defining the spiritual disturbances in those who are ill. The very best homeopaths become masters at helping others by the use of homeopathic remedies, which are spiritual, non-physical potencies. Unlike most medical disciplines, homeopaths generally avoid material medicinal interventions altogether.

The master homeopath approaches all cases of illness and dis-ease from the spiritual perspective. By careful inquiry and observation, the well-trained homeopath endeavors to discern the nature of the spiritual disturbance(s) impacting the patient. With the aid of the properly selected homeopathic remedy, the disturbances can be eliminated. What results is the strengthening of the vital force, which can now flow more freely again..

Through the vehicle of applying the correct homeopathic remedy, I can help enable individuals to manifest their true nature and highest goals in life, by helping to rebalance and realign the spirit or life force. The end result is a deep and profound healing, a true restoration of health and well-being.

Even if this seems outlandish, it is precisely what homeopathy is about. If you have any doubt, consider these facts about our remedies. All homeopathic remedies come from material substances found in nature—from herbs, to minerals, to animal products. Yet, before they are packaged, all remedies are manufactured in such a way as to dilute out any trace of material substance. There is no laboratory process or instrument known to man that can detect anything of material value in any properly manufactured homeopathic remedy, period.

Ultimately, the only active principle in any homeopathic remedy that you might investigate is a kind of spiritual force, not a substance. In other words, the active ingredient, if you will, in homeopathic remedies is nothing (material or physical) at all…except some spiritual force. To be sure, this force is related and connected to the original source substance, but nonetheless is non-material in nature.

In brief, the homeopath is indeed a doctor of the spirit or vital force, not the body. Because our remedies are spiritual, if homeopaths are honest, we cannot claim to treat or address any specific symptom, condition, or diagnoses directly.

In essence, we use our remedies to remove disturbances on the spiritual level alone. We are able to do this due to the spiritual properties of the homeopathic remedy. When disturbances to the spirit or vital force are removed by the remedy, the body begins to heal spontaneously of itself, restoring order, balance, and harmony naturally. As this process unfolds, symptoms usually improve. It is that simple.