April 12, 2011

About Dr. Falkner

                     Douglas Falkner, MD, Master Homeopath

  • Trained and Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. Worked as an Attending Physician, supervising medical students and residents, in a busy emergency trauma center for over five years.
  • Graduate and Certified Master Homeopath. Homeopathic training includes extensive studies with Paul Herscu, Stephen Messer, Lou Klein, Vega Rozenberg, Jan Scholten, Vassilis Ghegas, Rajan Sankaran, and others.
  • Founder and principle Instructor for The Falkner School for Homeopathy’s Objective Observer Course, serving students around the country and internationally via a live, web-based platform.
  • Over 19 years of clinical experience as a homeopathic specialist treating both children and adults.
  • Literally thousands of cured cases of both acute and chronic illness using homeopathy alone.
  • Available to consult with practicing homeopaths to help them refine their abilities in patient care and management.

Dr. Falkner works with patients both locally in person, and internationally via telephone. For those individuals who live too far to meet with Dr. Falkner in person, phone consultations are a definite, viable option. In spite of the distance, Dr. Falkner’s extensive experience with working by phone has shown that phone consultations are just as effective as in-person visits.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Falkner directly for any inquiries concerning his practice or for making an appointment with him.


drfalknermd@gmail.com or call 541-552-1400