April 12, 2011


Information Packet— Ashland Mountain Homeopathy
Douglas Falkner, MD, MHom


(Note: This pamphlet includes a great deal of information. Please browse the 12 pages to familiarize yourself with the topics included. A bound copy of this pamphlet is available upon request by calling Dr. Falkner. )

Dear Reader:

So you’re interested in homeopathy, and wondering if it is really the right choice for you. I get calls all the time from people like yourself, wanting to know if I can help them to relieve or cure whatever symptoms or conditions they are suffering. While this type of inquiry is typical, it is unfortunately not so simple to answer. For homeopathy is likely the least understood of all the non-conventional approaches to healing. This is why I have decided to prepare for you this informational packet with some real life examples of homeopathy.

With this material, I hope to stimulate your thinking about how to best manage the problems and difficulties you face, and how you might achieve your goals.  I also hope to explain enough about my own philosophy and approach so that you can make an informed choice regarding your personal pursuit for good health.

You will find within this packet an introductory statement, an article written for publication, a section on homeopathic principles, and concluding sections describing the general treatment process and costs for my services, all to help you make your own decision about working with me. I have also included a brief personal biographical statement to give you some information on my training background and clinical experience.

I want to thank you for your interest in me and my work, and for taking the time to go through this information. I hope I can be of real help to you sometime in the near future by assisting you in your pursuit of healing and better health.


Douglas Falkner, MD, MHom