April 12, 2011

Personal Biographical Sketch

“My personal philosophy and general approach to health problems is to do what really works, with minimal interference and maximum advantage. Homeopathy is the best approach I have found that is in line with this philosophy. Better still, it yields results bordering on the miraculous!”

Douglas Falkner, M.D., M.Hom, brings over two decades of clinical experience to his practice of Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy. Founder of the Blue Hill Center for Homeopathy, he is also graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, a trained Emergency Physician, and is a Certified Master Homeopath.

He developed and teaches a three year homeopathic training program , The Objective Observer Course, and also offers Clinical Master Classes.  His homeopathic training programs are designed for students desiring to learn the art and science of homeopathy in a highly effective and practical way, or for the lay person seeking to understand homeopathic principles and how to apply them in day to day life. He is available to give lectures, and to teach in-person weekend or week long seminars upon request.

Dr. Falkner lives in Blue Hill, Maine with his wife and daughter, a dog and his two stand-up paddleboards. He works with people internationally, and is available for consultations in person, by telephone, or through computer-based audio/video communications. He treats both children and adults.