May 18, 2013

Objective Observer Master Classes

Great News!

The Falkner School for Homeopathy announcing:

The Objective Observer Master Classes
Starting September 2014
A 10 month program of advanced clinical training
With Master Homeopath Douglas Falkner, MD, MHom

Are you still feeling frustrated with the actual results you are getting with your patients? Are you looking for a way to dramatically improve your outcomes without learning new systems and complicated methods? Dr. Falkner’s all clinical, highly integrated program is based on his Homeopathy Through Simplicity approach, which focuses primarily on learning and refining your skills at objective observation, the homeopath’s golden key.

This live, interactive course is internet-based, and provides a unique opportunity to engage in real time clinical homeopathy, under the guidance of a clinical master, from the comfort of your own home. Geared for students and practitioners who already have a basic foundation in classical homeopathy and who have already begun or are ready to begin to take cases on their own, this is a sure-fire way to vastly improve your clinical abilities and patient outcomes, all in a supportive, exciting, dynamic, and collegial learning environment online.

Each of 10 Master Classes will include at least one live clinical case and one to several case follow-ups. In addition, Dr. Falkner will present a different topic of clinical importance to be discussed in depth. Cases will be brought and taken by course participants, in order to practice and hone the art of objective observation. Case analysis, remedy selection, and case management decisions will be thoroughly addressed in each class, drawing on everyone’s experience and input.

Students will bring their questions and challenges to each session, so that sessions remain relevant and directed to student’s needs. The primary goal of this course is to provide each student an in-depth clinical experience that goes beyond theory, but repeatedly highlights Hahnemann’s teachings as they apply to real life case scenarios. Having a grounded, practical experience, and seeing great results reinforces one’s capacity to apply homeopathy with confidence and competence.

Dr. Falkner shows you step-by-step and by example how to engage and advance your own homeopathic genius, and leads you toward real mastery in an elegant, simple, and straight forward manner. This course is geared for the active learner who wants to dive in and go deep, always keeping in touch with what grounds us in truth and wisdom.

Experiencing directly and firsthand the dynamic process of clinical homeopathy, under the expert guidance of Dr. Falkner and his proven approach, makes this course invaluable to those students and practitioners who feel stuck or limited in some way and want to dramatically increase their rate of success and positive results with their patients.

As an Emergency Medicine physician and homeopath, with 20 years experience in homeopathy, Dr. Falkner blends his comprehensive conventional medical knowledge with a profound understanding of homeopathic principles. Having engaged also in certain spiritual disciplines over the course of many decades, informs his understanding and application of the spiritual aspects of homeopathic work. This combination creates a reliable, practical, and  highly effective base for conveying to his students what is essential for the successful application of homeopathy.

Here is what some students of this program have to say:

“In Dr. Falkner’s course he demystifies a lot of the process, in particular as it relates to being present, stepping back, opening up, allowing and observing. These are the skills we want, to be an unprejudiced observer, so there is more space for the truth to emerge.” —Susan  P., RN

“I have experienced a fundamental shift in my thinking, my connection to people and to remedies, my effectiveness at initial prescribing and my success in following each person as they ascend their journey to cure.” —-Kristina B., ND

“This class is a continuous  joy and fulfillment in all respects. Dr. Doug’s insights,  generous sharing of experience and compassion for his clients, families and students have altered my life and how I see the world. I believe that this is the most meaningful class that I have ever taken.” — Marge M.



Cost: $1095 for one year, 10 Sessions

If you would like to register, please send your name, address, phone contact, email contact and a deposit check of $200 made out to:

Douglas Falkner, MD
240 Orange Avenue
Ashland, OR 97520

If you have further questions, please email or call Dr. Falkner: