April 12, 2011

Treatment Process

Your first appointment will be scheduled for approximately an hour. The purpose of this first appointment is to clarify the nature of the spiritual disturbance(s) in your case and to select a fitting homeopathic remedy. To accomplish this at your appointment, you will be asked to speak in depth about yourself and your life, so that I can get a clear sense of who you really are. Learning about your problems or difficulties through the recounting of your own personal experiences helps me to understand and delineate the kind of disturbance(s) you are suffering at the spiritual level.

After I have determined the most appropriate remedy, I will make recommendations to you, including how to obtain and use the remedy selected, what to expect during the course of treatment, and how often we will need to have follow up visits.

In general, follow up visits occur approximately every 4-6 weeks, and last about 20 minutes. At each follow up visit, I will reassess your case by reviewing your symptoms and any changes that have occurred over time. The purpose of the follow up visit is to monitor your progress with the remedy, and to make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. Follow up visits are essential and integral to the homeopathic process.

While it is impossible to predict how long it will take to achieve the full benefits from homeopathic treatment, the average person can expect to continue working with me over a period of one to three years. Naturally the longer one has suffered with a problem and the more severe it is, the longer one can expect it will take to achieve the best results.