September 24, 2011

Student Testimonials

“Each class that you share so generously prompts an internal letter of thanks from me.  Our last class attained a state of grace too radiant to go without mention.Your teaching is truly gifted, in the careful structure you are building that allows me not to be overwhelmed, and in the gentle humanity you convey in the personal growth homework, which allows me to soar.  My relationship with myself and the world as I experience it is transforming in the most luminous way. My deepest thanks for both the lessons and the quality of the journey.”

Kim C. – Tularosa, NM


“Hi Doug,
I wanted to touch base with you!
I am doing so well with my homeopathy practice. I keep getting word of mouth referrals because the people I am treating are ACTUALLY GETTING BETTER!

I feel confident when I take a case and evaluate the progress.
I cannot believe the miracles that I get to witness. It makes life pretty amazing.
I have a couple of friends that I have been treating for a couple of years, but I never found the right remedy for them. I wrote ‘Never give up’ on the outside of their charts when I was feeling frustrated. I took some time off for some mental space and then went back to the cases when I felt I was ready. The result: the miracles I knew that were possible; my friends are getting better. That is a testament to your “Objective Observer’ teachings for sure.
I remember the day I called two of my closest friends in the healing world and discussed the idea of Homeopathy. I remember the clarity I had when I decided to study with you. I am so grateful that I listened to my inner knowing.  To be in touch with miracles and to understand it is ‘through me not by me’…well, there are no words, just happy tears. This applies not only in my practice of homeopathy with clients, but in my day to day life as well.
It is not easy work by any definition, but it is so rewarding and the results pervade every part of my world. Thank you for everything.
Linda F. –Cedar Crest, NM


“I’ve realized that I have learned more from you in under a year’s time than in all the years of previous training I’ve received.  I am confident that as a graduate of your school I will be able to use homeopathy to truly benefit others.  My feeling is that your work as a teacher of homeopathy is not only “worthwhile”, it is a vital contribution to the field as a whole, and to the healing of our world.”

Katia W. –Swannanoa, NC


“I’ve gone to many seminars and courses in homeopathy which were all interesting because they were about homeopathy, but at the end I usually felt you have to work really hard to learn how to figure it all out or the method being taught looked too subjective to be consistently right. In Dr. Falkner’s course he demystifies a lot of the process; there is still a lot of work to be done but it’s more in relation to being present, stepping back, opening up, allowing and observing. These are the skills we want, to be an unprejudiced observer, and there is more space for the truth to emerge.  Good repertorizing and understanding of materia medica is taught as well, so there is a sense of being able to do this, for the students. For me, the “profound simplicity” of homeopathy shines through and I recommend Dr.Doug’s course to anyone who wants this clarity and depth in their work.”

Susan P., RN– Ottawa, Canada


I want to thank you for a wonderful experience for two years. You are a superior teacher & your “simplicity” approach is so’s like when I instinctively know how to work with the energy fields & patterns of a person.  I do relate to how you teach us about letting go & listening for direction.  Thanks again, Dr. Doug, for sharing your gifts.

Sandy D., RN– Hopkinsville, Kentucky


“I began Dr. Doug’s first year of training in June of 2010, one year after graduating from naturopathic medical school. I have experienced a fundamental shift in my thinking, my connection to people and to remedies, my effectiveness at initial prescribing and my success in following each person as they ascend their journey to cure.  Dr. Doug has skillfully and patiently opened up a confining box within my mind that no longer limits my thinking both in homeopathy and life. It has been FUN and refreshing to work on cases with this renewed spirit. I highly recommend this class for anyone who desires homeopathy to not only be an art and science but, more importantly, a soul connection.”

Kristina B., N.D.– Ellicottville, NY


“Dr. Falkner with the Falkner School for Homeopathy is truly a Master at presenting his classes. He teaches with ease of comprehension, a sense of humor and sensitivity. I would highly recommend anyone searching for a starting ground or refresher to sign up.  His style is elegant and gently reminds his students to relax into this vast ocean of knowledge.”

Sharon C., RN–Chico, CA


“I have been under Dr. Falkner’s care for 8 years, and his mastery of homeopathy helped inspire me to study at the Falkner School.  I have really enjoyed the experience of studying with Dr. Doug this past year, and what I have learned has not only enriched my academic understanding of homeopathy, which I hope to pursue as a career, but my appreciation for life.  It has improved my quality of life in ways I could not have imagined.  As I enter my second year of study I bring a deeper understanding of homeopathic principles and philosophy as well as an increasing enthusiasm for engaging with the world around me.  I wholeheartedly endorse his skills as a practicing homeopath and professor of this fine science and art. I have studied homeopathy since the mid 80’s throughout many teachers and classes. This is the best of all for me. I think you would have the real Hahnemann seal of approval if he were here to give it.”

Patricia Z. —Lewisburg, KY


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work around our learning homeopathy.  It is inspiring, exciting, and humbling to watch you take a case:  it seems so simple, elegant, supportive, and effective.  I really see the art that you bring to it, as well as the skill and scientific knowledge.  It is beautiful. I am glad to be learning from you. Thank you.”

Elizabeth B. —Albuqueque, NM


“I loved class! The material was well organized, each class building on the classes before. The live cases with subsequent followups provided a unifying thread. You used the live cases to illustrate the basic spiritual principles in context, which helped anchor them in my mind. Clearly the Organon was the guiding text to this class.  When someone went off on a tangent, you gently redirected our attention to the pure and simple principles of the Organon.

Working in the hospital as I do, I find it easy to get swept up into the material views of medicine. I am always grateful to be reminded of my essential spiritual nature and the true causes of dis-ease. This class always helped me rise above my small viewpoint. Your compassionate method of teaching modeled a way for me to be more authentic with my patients.

I am looking forward to continuing my studies with you at the Falkner School. I count it as a mainstay rudder in my life, keeping it on the spiritual and grounded track I seek.  Thank you.”

Anonymous Student