November 30, 2012

Patient Testimonials

“I adore Dr. Falkner! I have had the great pleasure of working with him since the early 90’s. I have always had wonderful results!! I am most grateful. I do not think my life would be as positive and happy as it is without Dr. Falkner and homeopathy. I so appreciate his deep wisdom, powerful insights, and the art and skill he uses in his practice of homeopathy. He is definitely a master of his craft! I am grateful for all he has learned and that he shares it with us for our benefit! He is a remarkable healer and one of my all time favorite persons in my life!! ”

Renee in CA

I tried to figure out what I could possibly write in a testimonial to convey the enormity of what Dr. Falkner was able to do to heal my then six year old son from a diagnoses of pervasive developmental disability, mood disorder, anxiety, and a sensory integration problem. His difficulties were so severe his treatment plan was to hospitalize him in a pediatric inpatient psychiatric unit. Instead, I chose Dr. Falkner.

What I realize is there is not a way to express what Dr. Falkner was able to do to treat my son except to share that because of his personal concern, intuition, attention to detail and incredibly wise interventions, my son has been healed. I am delighted to report that my son is a loving, well adjusted, healthy, happy high school student involved in clubs, sports and academically at the top of his class. Dr. Falkner is an amazing practitioner and I am filled with gratitude that I put my son’s life into his hands.

Julianne in OH

“My ideal homeopath would:

  • understand and adhere to the original basics of homeopathy,
  • listen carefully and arrive at relevant remedies to support my vital force,
  • get back to me in a reasonable amount of time when I am having concerns,
  • and know when to encourage traditional medical care.

I am pleased to say Dr Falkner excels at these points and then some. His life wisdom also gives me a broader perspective to consider without telling me what to do. This is priceless.
My recommendation is *****. five stars!”

Patricia in KY

“I had worked with many homeopaths over the years to no avail and was very reluctant to try another one. I had even had some adverse experiences from mis-diagnosis due to the fact that I am psychic and a sensitive. Dr. Falkner was able to track my complex case and actually find remedies that helped me greatly and even changed my life. This kept me off pharmaceuticals many times, saving  money and stress from what otherwise would have been allopathic medical bills and environment. All I can say is that Dr. Falkner is a true healer, able to track a much deeper process of healing beyond the bounds of normal medicine. To this and to him I am grateful beyond words.”

Lara in Oregon

“Anyone that has been diagnosed with a chronic disease knows that it is scary and lonely. There is a lot of anxiety and lack of control.  I felt like I was running so fast on a treadmill and couldn’t get off but when I started working with Dr. Falkner all of that changed.  I looked forward to our appointments, I felt that I had control back and always felt positive. If I ever need him he is always there to help.  I had the great privilege of meeting him at a seminar that he taught about a year after that call.  I was so emotional because I didn’t know what to say to a man that had saved my life.  He was just as amazing in person as on the phone and I learned so much from those couple days listening to him speak about homeopathy.  I saw homeopaths from all over come to learn from him.  Dr. Falkner is doing exactly what he was put here to do, he is such a gift to the universe and anyone that he has worked with is a better person for knowing him.”

Bizette in PA

“As my homeopathic physician Dr. Falkner’s skill and talent go beyond top notch.  I can only call him inspired.  He continues to exceed any expectations I may have regarding managing my care. He is compassionate, attentive, and supportive, and takes every opportunity to educate me on how I can face my difficulties with grace and fortitude. He brings a deep, gentle wisdom and a refreshing childlike sense of humor and innocence to our work together.  With his support I have come to enjoy a richer, more fulfilling quality of life than I imagined was possible for myself.  He has helped me set my “internal compass”, whose wisdom I rely on to make better decisions and choices for my life.  My homeopathic care with him has been and continues to be empowering, inspiring, strengthening, and supportive for me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

My experience  as Dr. Falkner’s patient inspired me to study with him to practice homeopathy as well.  I had long searched for a way to help others heal and change their lives, and I knew from personal experience that Dr. Falkner’s methods work.  As my professor he has taken me on an educational journey I value above all my previous academic experience.  His approach to teaching homeopathy is unique in that it is fun, simple, direct, and makes the vast empire of homeopathy accessible. In all of our classes he goes above and beyond the call of duty and takes special care with each of his students to develop our unique abilities as homeopaths and human beings.  He has helped me grasp the fundamental principles of homeopathy, my role as a practitioner, and how to successfully and confidently manage my patients’ care.”

Elizabeth in NM

“Dr Doug is an exemplary doctor and personal guide for your path back to wholeness. With his expert knowledge and compassionate attention he pulled me out of the vicious cycle of ulcerative colitis and put me back on the path to health and happiness. After suffering for 20 plus years, I’m now able to live a more normal life without taking medications, or living with constant pain and horrific symptoms. I’m grateful to say, I feel the best I’ve ever felt. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Although I truly have no idea how homeopathy works, I know without a doubt it does. Seems no matter the severity of the symptoms, I have found homeopathy to be the most gentle, yet robust remedy there is. Then added with Dr Doug’s expertise and wisdom, makes for a powerful combination of health and healing. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to over come an illness or any health issue. He’s simply the best.”

SL, Santa Cruz, CA

“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Falkner’s for about 15 years. We have had great results with many things including Scarlet Fever, bedwetting, bee stings, poison ivy, depression and anxiety. I have saved thousands of dollars using homeopathy, countless hours of time and life energy that you just can’t measure. I work in the allopathic medical system and in my career I have seen many patients get sicker over the years whereas I, and my family, have gotten healthier, stronger, happier and fulfilled in ways that I only dreamed about before homeopathy.

When I first came to work with Dr. Falkner I was very guarded because the pediatricians,  and even my own personal physician, had been very judgmental and over the years,  I learned not to trust doctors. It just hurt too much to be shamed and not listened to.  I will never forget the day Dr. Falkner told me that I am the mom and as such, I know my kids better than anyone and my instincts were good and could be trusted.  It was so empowering. I felt validated.  For the homeopath to select a good remedy, it’s important to be really honest. It’s difficult to be vulnerable.  I have never once felt judgment from Dr. Falkner.  Even when my kids were little, he would explain what the remedy was doing and they would understand it.  His compassion, patience and wisdom have expedited our healing.”

Mary in Ohio

“I became familiar with homeopathy through my daughter’s appointments with Dr. Falkner when he practiced in Cleveland, where I was also living at the time.  Now that I am in California, I have phone appointments with Dr. Falkner.  I cannot say enough about the power and healing of this method of taking care of ourselves.

Dr. Doug has the ability of both methods: Allopathy and Homeopathy, which is the best of both worlds for me.  Another great feeling I have with working with Dr. Falkner and this form of healing is you can never say your doctor is not  listening to you.  Dr. Doug always has a huge list of questions that puts him in touch with your energy system and directs him to the correct and perfect remedy.   Dr. Doug loves and cares deeply about his work with homeopathy and his patients, and this comes through his energy system to each of us.  What could be better?   I have not in all my years on this planet found a more caring, intelligent, and compassionate doctor!  I would recommend him and this method to all who care to totally take care themselves.  A loving, grateful testimonial to Dr. Falkner.”

Rose in Bay Point, CA

“When I first came under Dr. Falkner’s care, I was thinking, what have I got to lose?   I had a chronic skin and sleep issues.  My skin would break out all over my body and itch horribly for months on end. I had tried everything I could think of, MDs and dermatologists who prescribed steroids, kinesiology, allergy treatment and had even consulted with a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner—to no avail.  Dr. Falkner took my case history and prescribed a remedy which I felt immediately.  I felt spiritually much more open as my skin cleared within days.  I finally had relief which felt like a miracle for someone who had been through years with a chronic problem.  Sleep issues proved more complex but it feels like an onion we peel away over time.  Dr. Falkner proposed that I get a sleep study to understand my diagnosis.  Over time, with increased awareness and homeopathy, I am improving.  I am grateful to have Dr. Falkner as a partner in good health.”

John in NM

“By the time I had my first appointment with Dr. Falkner, I’d been coping with a debilitating case of contact dermatitis and psoriasis on my hands and feet for over a year. The various allopathic interventions I’d tried provided only temporary relief. I was essentially left with two viable options: laser/UV light treatments for an indefinite period of time or more intense medications. I chose neither, and instead, started on a homeopathic course with Dr. Falkner. The result has been a steady recovery, bordering on phenomenal at times. In addition, many of my other maladies have eased to levels I’d not thought possible before. Dr. Falkner’s homeopathic expertise and medical intuition have helped guide me to improved health.”

Gary in OR

“Dr. Falkner, has been our family homeopath for close to 20 years.Though we had been using  alternative healing and had experience with other homeopaths prior to meeting   “Dr. Doug”  nothing prepared us for the caring, insightful, clarifying, and healing  experiences that Dr. Falkner has provided for our family.

“Doug has helped with patience, perseverance, belief in the indomitable spirit of his patients and acute intelligence and wisdom to diagnosis the root of individual and family issues, from acute illnesses to unfortunately some high end traumatic issues which had resulted in Post Traumatic  scenarios over the years.

While as a large family with  7 children, we have given Doug much variety of material and medical conundrums over the years,  he has never failed to help us,  successfully  treat a variety of ailments but has become part of our family and has coached us and encouraged us, always empowering us  to forge ahead.

I can relate one of many particularly touching, almost miraculous examples.  Sixteen years ago, my then 2 year old child was hospitalized with a virulent form of E coli  and a high fever that would not abate even with antibiotics and IV treatment.  Doug and my primary pediatrican were both out of the country , and when Doug got my voice mail he came straight from the airport to my daughters hospital bed, diagnosed and administered a remedy and her fever broke much to the chagrin of hospital staff!

The next day my primary pediatrician who had also come back to town the previous day, reviewed my daughters case, (and knowing I practice alternative medicine) said to me “ I’m not going to ask you what you did.  But I will let you know that we had Infectious Diseases, and the head of Urology review your daughters case because she had as yet an untreatable form of e-coli and was irresponsive  to our war chest of  medicine. We kept my daughter in the hospital for another day or so until her cultures came back 100% normal and was fever free for the next 48 hours.  Though dramatic, we have seen this scenario and Doug’s vigilance repeated many , many times over the years.

My own personal journey continues, with struggles, and revelations, with healing and evolving, with creativity and acceptance, and I know I can speak for both myself and on behalf of my family, that we are blessed to have Dr. Doug Falkner,  as a true healer par excellence , and as a precious and loved friend.”

Devorah in Ohio

“I am writing about Dr Douglas Falkner and how he has impacted my life and the lives of my family. Dr Falkner started working with my daughter about 9 years ago. She had just been diagnosed with lupus right before her wedding. After he started treating her the labs finally turned around and her Rheumatologist called it a miracle and told her she did not need to come back to see him . She was able to get off all conventional medication and just be on her remedy. This tiny little remedy treats ones spirit and restores the persons life force. Unlike conventional medicine that treats symptoms. Dr. Falkner has a gift unlike many other homeopathic doctors to really tune into the persons life force and in so doing get to the right remedy. I can honestly say that because, before we had found Dr. Falkner, we had tried other well-know homeopaths in our area, and they were not successful in helping my daughter.

A little over 3 years ago my daughter became pregnant. Up until this point she had been lupus free. At 27 ½ weeks she developed severe pre eclampsia. Her blood pressure was dangerously high. Her baby boy was delivered by emergency C-Section. I called Dr. Falkner when she was admitted to the hospital and he advised me to get several remedies. I gave her these remedies before the delivery. I believe this impacted my grandson being able to let out a cry at the delivery.  That is unheard of for a baby of his gestational age. He was never intubated he only needed to use the Cpap for oxygen. Then, about 1 month after delivery my daughter developed a virus and became dehydrated. She was admitted to the hospital. They flooded her with IV fluids and within a week she developed a cardiomyopathy. She was admitted to ICU. The Cardiothoracic surgeon was called in to meet with me and my husband and her husband to discuss a transplant.  Dr Falkner with his keen intuition came up with a remedy that saved my daughter’s life. I gave her the remedy as directed by him and within 24 hours the Dr’s said they could not explain the turn around. Her heart was back to almost normal function. We owe my daughter’s life to Dr Falkner. During those 3 weeks while she was in the ICU I called him constantly and he was always there for me and my daughter and our family. My daughter and grandson mean everything to me. They are here because of him. They both came home from the hospital on Yom Kippur. This blessing I will never forget. Every day I thank God for sending Dr. Falkner to our family. He is a kind, gentle, patient man. Above all he has been given a gift to really connect to a person and their spirit. He also is an Emergency Medicine Physician. I believe that also gives him an edge over another homeoapth. As a medical doctor he knows how the human body functions.

I feel lucky to be one of Dr. Falkner’s patients. He treats my husband, my mom, my mother-in-law, and my 3 children including my grandson.”

Maria in PA