Homeopathy Under Attack

I am not big on using email for solicitations and promotions, nor do I go for conspiracy theories or paranoia. However many of you may not know about some of the issues that pose a real threat to homeopathy, or about one national organization in the USA that serves to counter such threats and advocate for the consumer interest, by way of educating the public and the politicians about the real facts.

Nevertheless, there are actual movements underway, far and wide, that are striving to discredit homeopathy. In Europe, anti-homeopathy groups of “scientists” and politicians are working diligently to remove homeopathy from the list of therapies covered by national insurance plans, while here and elsewhere others are attempting to limit or block consumer access to homeopathic remedies.

Their claims are more or less always the same, and go something like this: “it is in the public interest to cease insurance coverage and to restrict sales of remedies for a therapy ‘lacking in evidence’ of efficacy.” In spite of scores of scientific articles proving the efficacy and clear benefits of homeopathy, such opinions are being widely peddled as fact.

In the US, we have a strong educational, consumer advocacy organization, the National Center for Homeopathy, which for decades has served the homeopathic community. In the month of October, they are doing a national campaign to increase membership. I believe this organization has been an effective voice and force in the promotion of homeopathy, protecting consumer rights to access to this unparalleled healing modality.

If you are interested in joining the NCH to support the work they do for Homeopathy, I encourage you to do that.  One of the benefits of membership is the magazine, Homeopathy Today, which has extremely interesting articles about what is happening in the world of Homeopathy.  Another benefit is access to a multitude of pre-recorded and live webinars, and articles on homeopathy of interested to both professionals and to the general public. The NCH also posts calendars of homeopathy related events, and has a resource database of practitioners and schools around the country.

Here is the link if you’d like learn more about the organization and/or to sign up:


Visit their website at nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org to see all the great things they are doing.

Thanks for considering standing up for homeopathy and joining the National Center for Homeopathy.

Yours in health,

Dr. Doug