Some Things You Should Know About Homeopathic Treatment

There are a several questions that come up rather frequently with my patients concerning how to manage their homeopathic treatment in the context of modern life, and with regard to western allopathic medicine.  As a dedicated, full-time, Medical Doctor and Master Homeopath, what feels most important to me is that my patients are well-informed about their treatment options before they make their final decision, as to the mode of treatment for any given illness.

Since most of us are raised with a much clearer understanding of the conventional western medical approach compared with homeopathy, I thought it could be useful to dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions that some patients may hold in general toward homeopathy. In doing so, I hope that my patients will be more empowered to optimize the benefits of working with me as a homeopath, and with the homeopathic remedies i recommend for you.

1. Remedies do work alongside of conventional medications.  Prospective patients who may be currently taking several prescription drugs need not discontinue them in order to work with and benefit from homeopathic treatment.  At times, it may take longer for the healing process to complete when one is on one or several conventional medications, but healing will nevertheless occur with a properly prescribed remedy. Often, after a time, a homeopathic remedy may restore health to such a degree as allow one to completely discontinue some or all of one’s chronic medications!

2. Remedies never interfere with and are never contraindicated when taking any allopathic drug or treatment.  Even in the hospital setting, homeopathic remedies can assist in speeding recovery.  Patients on homeopathic medicines can safely continue them, regardless of undergoing any new allopathic treatment or change in medications.

3. When infections or other serious illnesses arise, conventional medicine and drug treatment is not necessarily the only option, nor is it necessarily the best option. Homeopathic remedies, when properly chosen and administered appropriately, will effectively address virtually any acute illness that may arise, often more quickly, and reliably than the indicated conventional treatment, usually at a much lower cost and with no risk for side effects.

One advantage of homeopathic remedies is that they can help your system cure not only bacterial illnesses, but viral infections as well, for which modern conventional medicine has little to offer.  With a properly selected remedy, one can see significant improvement within minutes to only a few hours in acute situations, even those involving significant pain and suffering.  If you wish, before taking a conventional medication for an acute condition, consult with your homeopath to see what he or she would recommend.

4. Homeopathic treatment can impact your health so profoundly, that even so-called surgical conditions may resolve and render surgery unnecessary.

5. Homeopathic medicines are not substitutes for allopathic drugs.  Homeopathic treatment restores the life force, so that your system can recover optimal function.  Drug treatment is directed at counteracting specific symptoms, allowing you to feel better, but usually does not remove the root cause of your dis-ease.  With homeopathy, your health improves first, then your symptoms disappear.  With allopathic medicine, your symptoms disappear first, but your health often stays the same or may even slowly decline.

6. Airline Travel: one frequently overlooked issue when traveling with homeopathic remedies is the fact that exposure to x-ray damages or inactivates the remedy. In order to avoid this from happening, it is imperative to pass the remedy around the x-ray machine at the security check point. Simply request that the agent “hand check” your remedies and explain that all homeopathic remedies are inactivated by x-rays.

Checking your remedies through in your luggage or in your carry-on baggage is to be strictly avoided, as both go through x-ray surveillance. Should this occur, continuing to take your remedy won’t harm you, but more than likely it will no longer work. The only reliable solution after x-ray exposure is to reorder a fresh bottle from the homeopathic pharmacy.

According to recent surveys, Homeopathy has become the #2 health care choice world-wide, among the major world healing systems. As far as it’s efficacy at reversing and curing chronic disease, restoring health and well-being on all levels, and its success with addressing acute illnesses, I personally see Homeopathy as having earned its place to be #1. Nevertheless, the choice should always rest firmly in the hands of the patient, armed with unbiased information about the choices available.

Please feel free to share this information with your family and friends, so that they can better utilize all that homeopathy has to offer or so that they can be introduced to its possibilities.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Doug