Is Luck Really Blind?

It’s hard to go through life without wondering sometimes why some people seem to have all the luck.  Plenty of money and material goods, great jobs or careers, happy relationships…you know the drill.  Of course, so-called lucky people don’t wonder so much about luck, because they tend to feel rather lucky. If we less “lucky” people didn’t know better, we might actually believe that nature doles out luck blindly, leaving us in our own respective corners, wishing that nature would hand us a good turn some day.

But what is luck really? Is it truly blind and as random as rolling the dice or spinning the wheel of fortune? Or is luck, perhaps, a function of the things we think, observe, and do in the world? Lucky people make their luck, the rest of us get whatever might come our way.

Luck is not a function of pure chance. It depends largely on our capacity to connect to our inner guidance, establish clear goals in our lives, make good, sound and consistent decisions, stay focused and disciplined, and recognize opportunities when they present themselves.

When people do these things, “luck” generally follows.  Even when challenges arise on the path, people who make their luck continue exercising their good habits and, facing their problems squarely, rise to the challenge, solve their problems and forge on ahead. In doing so, they exact all the luck they need out of life itself.  It is not a result of magic or chance, but rather determination, will-power and the application of inspiration and spirit, one’s passions and gifts.

Let me give an example.  A person has a drive to help people, to relieve suffering in the world. This individual, called by inner guidance to serve others, elects to go to medical school. After many years of hard and devoted work in grade school and college, she enrolls in medical school.  Eight arduous years later, fully licensed and trained as a physician, she designs her own practice, makes her own hours, receives generous ample compensation for her labors, and feels fulfilled in her work.  Now she meets a wonderful man, marries, has three wonderful children, and enjoys a materially and spiritually rich lifestyle.

From the point of view of those feeling less fortunate, she has “all the luck”.  In reality, she has followed her inner guidance, worked hard, stayed focused, seized every opportunity when presented,followed her passions, utilized her gifts and, through all her unrelenting efforts, now enjoys the full fruits of her labors.

Luck certainly is not blind. Luck is what we make of ourselves and demand from our lives through our willingness to give of ourselves in pursuit of what we most desire. It is a direct result of looking inward, connecting to our own personal mission, following our guidance, making choices consistent with who we are and what we really want. Luck requires our staying focused, working hard, with discipline, and especially keeping vigilant to recognize and seize any and all opportunities, whenever and wherever they present themselves. Good luck is clearly made, and rarely comes easy.

Saying that other people have all the “luck” is a notion of the poor in spirit who would rather sit and complain about the life they failed to engage in, than to take the trouble and stand up in order to start taking positive steps forward. In general, life is inherently abundant, as you may observe almost everywhere you look in nature, surprisingly even in the most desolate of places. And there certainly is no shortage of luck for those willing to pay the real price luck demands.

The good news is that, if you are one in search of better “luck”, you need only employ the principles outlined above, and, as sure as the sun does rise, so will your “luck” begin to change.

Wishing you all success in making the luck you rightly deserve!

Dr. Doug