My Ten Commandments of Homeopathy

Posted on May 26, 2012

In the Jewish calendar, tonight marks Shavuot, the commemoration and festival of study and celebration of the day the 10 Commandments were delivered by Moses to the Jewish Nation from Mt. Sinai. Shavuot is considered to be a day of revelation. How fitting a time to contemplate the essential principles guiding the art and science of homeopathy. Find below what I call my own “Ten Commandments of Homeopathy.”

  1. Above all else, study Samuel Hahnemann’s writings.
  2. Do not fabricate and attempt to apply fanciful, illusory, theoretical systems which cannot be scientifically verified and which have no basis in natural law.
  3. In treating patients, always strive to heal the “untuned” spirit, not the body and its material pathologies.
  4. Maintain purity of heart in all consultations.
  5. Know that all true healing is the work of God; you, the homeopath, are only a vehicle.
  6. Administer remedies in the smallest dose suitable to each case.
  7. Use only a single remedy at a time– the best one indicated– that resonates deeply with your patient, and most closely matches the spiritual disturbance (“untunement”) perceptible to your senses.
  8. Avoid as much as possible employing or recommending allopathic means to lesson suffering, as such interventions deplete the vitality and prolong or make more difficult the ultimate restoration of your patient’s health.
  9. Learn to be clear and objective in case-taking and case-management, for all bias and prejudice are bars against seeing the truth, identifying the best remedy, removing obstacles to cure, and offering sound advice.
  10. Strive always to fully express and refine your very own unique, individual, and heart-centered approach to healing, staying connected to your own inner guidance, in order that your innate gifts as a healer will fully blossom.

In my core, I believe that these 10 principles above reflect the true spirit of Hahnemann’s teachings, which in turn arise out of those immutable laws of nature from which Hahnemann drew to create his system of healing. I have found that my “Ten Commandments of Homeopathy” reliably form a foundation for competent and effective treatment in homeopathy.

Try them out for yourself and put them to the test. I think you will find that they will serve you well. By staying faithful to them I believe you will more readily achieve your ultimate goals as a homeopath and as a human being, one committed to living life homeopathically.

Be well,

Dr. Doug