Why “More” is not Better and “Less” is More

Very often I hear from my patients that they want to move faster in their healing and ask me if they can take “more” of their remedy. In Homeopathy this leads only to one thing: confusion and backsliding in the case. When things are going well, the less remedy the better, and more is certainly not better.

We decidedly do live in a “more is better” culture. So I believe it is worthy to comment on this fallacy, one which not only interrupts or interferes with real progress, but may even prevent or worsen the situation. As one of my mentors taught me in situations where one is tempted to try and accelerate a case with more doses of remedy, “what right do we have to interfere with what is already working?”

In homeopathy, less is always better. Hahnemann exhorted his students to strive always to give the minimum dose possible. He emphasized that there is hardly ever too small a dose of the homeopathic medicine that wouldn’t bring about a definite positive healing response in a patient.

We know that homeopathic medicine is based on universal spiritual principles embedded in nature, so it is not a stretch at all to extend its principles to life in general. By applying homeopathy’s easily comprehensible principles, our lives can become oh so much easier and better.

For example, in the economic realm, people are driven to make more and more money. If enough is good, we think more must certainly be better. But consider the facts: most lottery winners, when interviewed years later, found that their overall happiness in life had diminished rather than increased.

An overabundance of money, especially money not earned, has been shown time and time again to dramatically complicate ones life, while intrinsic meaning and value– that the extra money was supposed to bring– remain elusive.

Naturally we are not speaking of those who truly do not have enough. For the majority of those who do have enough, learning to honestly appreciate whatever amount of money they already have leads to creating a lifestyle that is usually very satisfying and productive. When the acquiring of more and more money starts to dominate our activities and focus, we tend to miss all the priceless and enriching experiences our life is offering us from moment to moment.

Here is another example. I think it goes without saying that in eating food, less is generally more. It takes little investigation to see what “more is better” is doing to our population when it comes to eating. Supersize me is definitely supersizing us!

In contrast, the French, who have developed a culture of eating that is based on smaller portions of high quality, home-prepared food, eaten slowly at leisure, end up feeling much more satisfied by the culinary experience, both sensually and socially, than their American fast-food-nation counterparts. An added bonus is the French population tends to be much healthier and leaner than we are.

Furthermore, I have utilized a special kind of laser technology in my office practice that uses photon energy to heal tissue problems from skin to muscles and ligaments to joints and bones. It is highly effective and successful with virtually all-comers.

As you might imagine, being photon energy, it is subtle too. When our patients either demanded or inadvertantly got more laser photon therapy than they needed for the day, their problem area tended to go through a temporary, yet unpleasant, increase in symptoms. Again demonstrating that more is not better and that less actually is more!

Cutting back and simplifying, getting along with less, is not an act of deprivation. It is a commitment to quality over quantity, conscious and enriching living over living the rat race and going nowhere. The next time you find yourself feeling insecure and wanting more, take a moment and relax. Ask yourself what you are expecting to get in acquiring more of something. Really contemplate it.

Then look at what you have already have been given in your life, and see if you feel any gratitude for what you have. Gratitude or appreciation is the antidote to avarice or greed, to the anxiety of insecurity, and it is also confers the gift of inner peace, which you get when you intentionally recognize the blessings you already enjoy in your life. Once you discover the universal truth of “less is more”, your life will decompress and feel more spacious and flowing.

Give it a try in every aspect of your life. I promise you that you are in for a very pleasant surprise!

Enjoy your day.

Dr. Doug